Cesspool emptying – Cleaning of clogged sewer lines – Pumping out liquids

Our company with its long-term experience (it has been active since 35 years ago), has got the following tasks – services:

  • Cesspool emptying and transporting of sewage

  • Cleaning of clogged sewer lines as well as sewer lines’ maintenance

  • Pumping out water and various liquids from basements

We serve :

The entire north-eastern area of Attica, suburbs such as Gerakas, Pallini, Kantza, Glyka Nera, Anthousa, Peania, Pikermi, Spata, Ntrafi, Vioni

For emptying your cesspool in the best and fastest way, we employ the biggest and most modern tank trucks.

Additionally, for fast and effective cleaning of your severely clogged sewer lines, we use the highest performance cleaning machinery and high velocity jetting equipment (pumps) that clean your sewers quicklier than any other method available. Obstructions and debris are removed without damaging your sewer walls.

Waters and liquids are also pumped out of basements etc. quickly and effectively.

Our strong experience, most efficient equipment and above all reliability and honesty toward our customers contribute to the best possible result. Minding all people that have been badly affected by economic problems, we provide all our services at very low prices.

Please call us any day and time and we shall respond to your call immediately.

During the year, we have got interesting drawing lots, nice surprises and fantastic presents for you! So, please stay in contact with us and we guarantee you will become our next satisfied customer!

With warm regards

Aris Dovletis